Saturday, December 10, 2011

Crazy how we fit girl.

It girl - Jason Derulo.

« A friend is one who believes in you 
when you have ceased to believe in yourself. »

            You've already seen Emma here on my blog a couple of times now, probably because I spend most of my time with this girl. She's definitely one of my best friends so I thought I could make a little post with our latest pictures together that I truely love. She manages to make me smile all the time because we have kind of the same humor, which is I think really important in a friendship. We share opinions & tastes, music, dreams & more. It's always so great to talk to her about everything, & she's also there to listen whenever I have to complain about stupid little things. Plus, - & this is truely a one of a kind thing - : she manages to put up with me almost every day (!!!). We'll always find something to laugh about when we are together, & that's why time slips by so fast with her ! Love ya Emma ♥.

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