Wednesday, December 14, 2011

We’ll be alright in the end, trust that.


Back Home - Gym Class Heroes ft. Neon Hitch 
(cover by Tiffany Alvord & Luke Conard).

       Don't lose your faith.       

      The weather's getting colder as the days pass by, & I think it's kinda harsh to find some good outfits both beautiful & warm. Anyway, here is a very basic outfit composed by my favorite shorts ever (that you've seen lots of times !), black boots + my red cardigan that I do really love, it adds colour to the whole outfit & it is so confortable ! 
Hope you guys are all okay, 3 days left before holidays :D. 
Tonight I'm going to the theater to see a show & I bet it will be a wonderful evening. Wish you the same, lots of kisses ♥.

~ Audrey.

Cardigan : Lacoste, top : Zara, shorts : vintage, boots : Cache-Cache.

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