Monday, October 3, 2011

A thousand more minutes I know I'll have to go through, counting my way back to you.

Counting - Christina Grimmie.

Not enough time to make a "complete" post, sorry for that ! So many things to be done & not enough time, my timetable's driving me crazy as well as the homeworks we have to deal with. Hope it will get better soon, but not so sure about it. The weather is pretty good these days & I guess we all enjoy having such temperatures in October ! Let's pray that they'll be that good when I'll go to Paris this month (did I already talk to you about Rihanna's concert ? So exciteeeed, can't wait to see her rock the stage, I do really miss going to concerts !).
So, I'm gonna go ; I have a lot of lessons just waiting to be learnt ... 
See you soon guys, I'll try to post more often ;).

Audrey ♥.


Shorts & T-Shirt : both vintage.

Can you seriously believe that I wasn't able to go to the show ? Pleaaaaase, Paris's calling me everyday !

Some of the books I recently bought ; can't wait to read them all !

(I just have to say that L.A. Story (english title : Bright shiny morning) by James Frey is now one of my favourite books, it is just ... AMAZING).


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