Saturday, October 8, 2011

Let's make a new tomorrow today.

1. Dress : Ally Fashion, 30$. 
2. Jacket : Crumpet, 525$.
3. Shoes : Louboutin, 895$.
4. Clutch : Alexander McQueen, 1320$.
5. Necklace : Roberto Cavalli, 1195$.
6. Ring : Dorothy Perkins, 10$.
7. Watch : Michael Kors, 328$.
8. Lipstick : Yves Saint Laurent, 30$.
9. Earrings : JC Penney, 167$.

      First, this is a kind of moodboard I did a few days ago, & I think it turned out pretty well, didn't it ? I wish I had enough money to buy all the amazing clothes I was totally looking forward the last past days, but I currently have to save money because as you already know I'm going to Paris in approximately 15 days. & I suck at saving money, literally. 


     Second, let me introduce you my crush of the moment : Thomas & Tim Schou (from A friend in London, a band which performed at the Eurovision this year, but I didn't watch the show, that's is why I just discover them now) ; they're both performing in a Danmark TV show called "Hidden Stars", & I guess the show is kinda like X-Factor (if some of you know more about it, feel free to let me know !). As I said, Tim is from a band & their first album will be in stores this year (at least, that's what I found on the internet), & Thomas is about 12 years old, just a young boy with an incredible voice. Here are some videos of them so you can check it out & see how much they're AMAZING. I really wish them to become famous & achieve their dreams because it's obvious that they have passion & talent ! (You can find more videos on YouTube).

A fabulous cover of Robyn's song "Dancing on my own" ♥. (If you've never heard this song of Robyn, just GO HERE, you don't want to miss it, really).

Both are performing a kind of mash-up of two (amazing) songs of A Friend in London (the band of Tim).

One of my favourite song by Katy Perry, very well performed !


     & Last but not least, here's a little sneek peek of my next post, a little come back to basics ;').

Hope you guys are having a good week-end, & hope that you can rest as much as want to :D.

(& Welcome to all my new followers !).

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